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Zeche Zollverein started operations in 1932, It has a special architecture and had the most up to date equipment of the time. In this period Zollverein in Essen was the largest coal mining and processing plant in the world. The plant finished its operations in the coal business in 1986 and some of the machinery was dismantled and the entire area was reconstructed as an industrial monument. Most of the buildings and the remaining machines are still in place and can be visited.
Zeche Zollverein
 İStiftung Zollverein
Other building of Zeche Zollverein
 İStiftung Zollverein Due to the unique typical architecture and its size and also due to its significance for coal industry in general, Zeche Zollverein was awarded UNESCO World Heritage beginning this year. Meanwhile numerous activities and enterprises have settled in the large halls and workshops. For example, the famous Design Center of North Rhine Westfalia which awards the prestigious Red Dot award of good industrial design every year, has found a home here. Also a number of artist and designers have there workshops and offices in these buildings. Numerous cultural events concerts, performances and cabaret - to mention only a few - take place at various stages available in the old halls and workshops and the museum.

Guided Tour UNESCO World Heritage Zeche Zollverein

The Zollverein Foundation is responsible for running the Zollverein Museum along with the Rhineland Regional Authority and the Rhineland Industrial Museum. Visitors to the museum can literally walk along the "path of coal". The museum trail - still in its original form - leads through the buildings of the disused separating plant and washing plant, past gigantic machines and conveyor belts which vividly recall the every day experience of working amidst noise and dust. Along the way there are models, films and installations depicting the various processes undergone by the 'black gold' before it is loaded onto trains - all accompanied by authentic sound effects. The guided tours deal with a variety of themes from mining history to architectural history. They lead through the buildings above ground. Some of them are conducted by former workers on the site who recall anecdotes from the past along the way. They are also actively engaged in the history workshop called "Zeche Zollverein e.V." which is based on the side.

On Wednesday the conference finishes at 17:00 and a bus transfer starting from the parking area behind the Audimax to the guided tour will be provided from 17:00 to 17:30. This will finish about 20:00 when the Dinner starts. The tour is highly recommended since a hands on experience of the coal industry is given which is impossible in a running plant. The tour will have English speaking guides and will last for ca 1,5 hours.

Inside Zeche Zollverein
 İStiftung Zollverein

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