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T07: "EasyWinWin: A Groupware-Supported Methodology For Requirements Negotiation" (Paul Grünbacher, Robert O. Briggs)

EasyWinWin: A Groupware-Supported Methodology For Requirements Negotiation

Tuesday, September 10th from 900 - 1230


The success or failure of a new system rests squarely on the always shifting, sometimes frustrating task of requirements definition. Many of the failures, delays, and budget overruns in software engineering can be traced directly to shortfalls in the requirements process. There is no complete set of requirements out there just waiting to be discovered: Different stakeholders - users, customers, managers, domain experts, and developers - come to a project with different expectations and interests. Requirements must be negotiated among the success-critical stakeholders who are often unsure of their own needs, much less the needs of others.

EasyWinWin is a requirements negotiation approach that builds on Barry Boehm's WinWin approach and leverages collaborative technology to improve the involvement and interaction of key stakeholders. Analysts use EasyWinWin to move success-critical stakeholders through a process of gathering, elaborating, prioritizing, and negotiating requirements. EasyWinWin adopts facilitation techniques to improve the involvement and interaction of stakeholders in the Requirements Engineering process.

This tutorial will introduce the the EasyWinWin methodology. We will give a live demonstration of the collaborative tools and the methodology in action. We will present the highlights from real-world projects in which we used EasyWinWin.

At the end of this tutorial, the participants will know the WinWin requirements negotiation approach and how it fits into the spiral model for software development, understand the EasyWinWin objectives, process steps, and deliverables, know how EasyWinWin works and how collaborative tools support the methodology, have seen requirements negotiation examples from real-world projects, and will understand critical success factors for requirements negotiations.

Please visit the EasyWinWin homepage at for further information.


Paul Grünbacher:
Paul Grünbacher

Paul Grünbacher is an associate professor at Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria) and a research associate of the Center for Software Engineering (University of Southern California, Los Angeles). His research interests include collaborative technology in software engineering particularly in requirements engineering and methods for software process improvement. He studied Business Informatics and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Linz.

Robert O. Briggs:
Robert O. Briggs

Robert O. Briggs is Research Coordinator at the Center for the Management of Information at the University of Arizona and Associate Professor at Technical University of Delft (The Netherlands). He researches the cognitive foundations of collaboration, and develops collaborative technologies to improve the performance of teams working face-to-face and around the globe. He earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Arizona.

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