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The City of Essen, located in the so-called Ruhr area of Germany with approx. 6 millions inhabitants, is an ideal location for the RE conference. While its traditional industries coal and steel are almost completely shut down, the Ruhr area is transforming into a region providing ample opportunities for software companies. The Ruhr area offers a dense public transportation system.

Essen and its surroundings offer some interesting recreational features. Below you'll find some links related to various opportunities in the local area, worth a half day trip or full day trip in different categories as well. In addition, one can find here some information about Essen and the Ruhr District. Be sure to have a look at the "Requirements Engineer's guide to Essen" (view directly as PDF) as it contains lots of interesting information on just a few pages.

Information about Essen         
Route of Industrial Heritage         
Informations about the towns of the Ruhr District         

Attractions to visit in Essen

Zeche Zollverein

Gruga Park and Stadium

Villa Hügel

Lake Baldeney

Old Synagoge

Other attractions to visit

Half Day Trips



Other attractions to visit

Full Day Trips



Other attractions to visit

Here you can view a map of Essen and its surrounding area including links to favorite attractions.


You can have convenient transport with the local and regional transport system VRR which gives you online access to the timetables of the system.

In addition to local and regional transport, Essen is connected via numerous train connections with other parts of Germany and western Europe as well. For example, high-speed train connections enable convenient day trips to metropolitan areas like Berlin, Amsterdam and Hamburg. There is a convenient web-based service by the Deutsche Bundesbahn (/) which helps to plan your trips.


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Last updated: 2002-06-22